All companies have old records for shredding, now the dilemma is –
how to destroy this rare big quantity of confidential documents safely?

  • The office shredder is obviously too small
  • Burning is just not possible
  • Just tearing it in pieces is risky
  • It does not make sense to purchase a big expensive shredder just to use perhaps once a year
  • Who will do the shredding, office staff is already stretched and have daily tasks to complete
  • You don’t want to bother getting involved with scrap vendors

Well we have just the right solution for you –
our onsite shredding service will take care of your this requirement

  • You just need to give us a call to schedule professional onsite shredding
  • Any quantity any time
  • We’ll send a industrial shredder with personnel to do the shredding at your office
  • Often the industrial shredding machine is sufficient to complete the job in a day
  • We’ll do the entire shredding, packing and recycling and cleaning the site too once job is complete
  • A job others would probably take a week, we’ll complete in half the time, and that’s professional

contact now to know more about how it can be done for you.

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