USB paper shredder


Mini Paper Shredder with Letter opener

  • Superior Quality and Compact Size.
  • Perfect Letter Opener and Shredder for Desk Top.
  • This shredder plugs directly into your computer’s USB
  • it can also be used with 4 X AA batteries and 230V ordinary adopter.

(Batteries and Adaptor Not Included)

Product Description

USB Paper shredder is the smallest, neatest paper shredders on the market in India, it can open envelopes too. Its lightweight and compact design makes it ideal for home use only if you have just about 1/2 papers daily for shredding.

Power Supply Adaptor
Use 4″AA”Batteries
Adaptor AC:230V
DC 6V 1200MA
Sheets 1 AT A TIME
Switches ON/OFF/REV


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